Overcoming Fear & Incongruency Around Beautiful Women

Is there a way to overcome your fear and incongruencies around beautiful women without ‘acting’?


After all, did you know that this is the biggest step you will have to take on the way to getting anywhere with a new woman?

How is that so? Because there is an initial power game that exists between a man and a woman. And almost all men FAIL this initial power test or ‘pre-game’. That includes nice guys and even great catches too. It’s unfortunate but a beautiful woman expects and respects someone who is not afraid of her.

She wants a man to be a man. She expects him to be comfortable in his own skin AROUND HER (no matter how powerful she is or how much society edifies her).

There are so many men who keep getting rejected because the women are now representing a lot more social power than ever before and they just can’t find ANY possible way to justify or fix it within themselves because she ACTUALLY IS the social prize and IS very beautiful.

These sexy, beautiful and desired women..

They are used to being the ‘stimulus’ for men to ‘respond’ to and ‘drool over’. If you approach a woman and your physiology represents that (in your relationship with her) she is the stimulus or ‘prize’ (like society conditions) and you are the response trying to ‘get some’ of that, you’re going to fail 9/10 times.

Despite the great irony of it all ‘pursuing’ a woman and showing great interest and attention doesn’t work. It’s happened to them literally a million times each.

They actually DON’T want to be on a pedestal in the relationship (despite their logical inner and social conditioning). Emotionally they HAVE TO BE attracted to you as a man.

That means, as the man you have to be the one SHE is interested in.

Society teaches you to edify her above your own interests (like they need even more edification). What women respect is men who aren’t afraid to be themselves. They respect men who will not change their behavior to act differently around women.

That’s why women fall for the bad boys and jerks. These are the guys who DIDN’T LISTEN to social programming. They were closer to the natural mating game and roots so that they could experience success with women consistently.

The only thing that has gotten in the way of millions of men’s success with women is their social conditioning FOLLOWED BY their own inner beliefs based on the social conditioning.

To resolve this great dilemma, each man should understand the truth about social influence and what it means so that he can regain his true independence, power and character to be what women want.

When he understands the root behavioral characteristics that women represent, he will finally be comfortable in his own skin and instead of being intimidated by these leveraged powers, he’ll be able to see the true woman inside of her.

And that includes the most beautiful women in the world for the time that she can bring out her natural character before she snaps back into her habitual social stimulus behavior or super-woman self.

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